Who is Sabir Nazar?

Why is he being Criticized?

  • After proofs of corruption by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif emerged, Sabir Nazar has been regularly drawing cartoons in his defence.
  • Recently Sabir Nazar released a cartoon depicting democracy as a woman.
  • The cartoon drew widespread criticism by women rights activists for being misogynistic.

Maria Memon:

  • Maria Memon is a CNN Fellow who currently hosts a talk show on ARY News.
  • She termed the cartoon to be in extremely poor taste.

Saadia Afzaal:

  • Saadia Afzaal is a leading anchor of 92 News channel.
  • She criticized the cartoon as “absolute rubbish”.
  • She also termed it trivilization of gang-rape to glorify PML-N, the political party of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Shad Begum:

  • Shad Begum is a recipient of IWOC Award (USA) and the Executive Director at “Association for Behavior and Knowledge Transformation”.
  • She regarded the depiction as inappropriate.

Aisha Mukhtar:

  • Aisha Mukhtar is a human rights activist.
  • She criticized Sabir Nazar for his sexist and misogynist depiction.

Ali Salman Alvi:

  • Ali Salman Alvi is a columnist and broadcast journalist.
  • He censured Sabir Nazar for trivialising rape as an expression of art.