In the gravest low Pakistani journalism has seen in recent times, Tariq Butt, a Geo / Jang group journalist has compared appearance of Maryam Nawaz with Martial Law imposed by Gen Zia ul Haq in year 1977. While sane minds are still pondering over the supposed connection, journalistic ethics in Pakistan have been reduced to a mere sham.

Partisan media of Pakistan took sides during the ongoing corruption investigation against the ruling family. Jang group of publications, which owns the Geo News TV channel has been projecting the investigations as a threat to democracy.

Gen Zia ul Haq has been the punching bag of journalists since his demise. This recent comparison is one such example where echoes of his tenure are raked up to justify the media group’s support to the ruling clan.

While the end to the reign of this family doesn’t seem too soon, ironically Jang group regards its biased coverage a struggle to strengthen democracy. The countries which gifted the world the concept of democracy still have to fathom how one family can rule a country and can still call it democracy.