Who is Farheen Rizvi

  • Farheen Rizvi is a news contributor at The News, a Jang Group publication.
  • She also writes for two Indian publications Economic Times and Daily O.
  • She  writes for another Pakistani paper Express Tribune, which is a New York Times’ partner publication.
  • She has had her share of exposure to Huffington Post blogs as well.

Her Claim

  • On 8 December 2016, she tweeted a video of a Rangers official and a police official.
  • She claimed that the Rangers official was carrying out wall chalking against Altaf Hussain in Sindh.

(Archived Tweet)

The Lie

  • If the video tweeted by her is watched closely by its end, the Rangers official is directing a third person to actually remove the wall chalking.
  • The third person is then seen applying a coat of paint over the wall chalking .
  • Her claim of Rangers carrying out wall chalking is thus rebuffed by her own video.
  • She claims yet again in her subsequent tweet without substantiating, that the wall chalking in Hyderabad is also done by Law Enforcement Agencies. (Archived Tweet here)

Jang Group’s History of Creating Civil-Military Divide:

  • In Nov 2016, Jang group journalists Talat Hussain and Ahmed Noorani made unsubstantiated claims of lobbying for the appointment of Pakistan Army chief and played ethnic card to make the decision controversial.
  • In May 2016, Shaheen Sehbai resigned as group editor of The News, saying that the media group’s policy is leading towards a civil-military clash.
  • In May 2014, the group accused ISI Chief of making an attempt on the life of Hamid Mir.

Azhar Ayaz is an independent investigative blogger and media enthusiast.