The Article:

  • Pakistani newspaper ‘The Nation’ published a front page story on 8 October 2016 claiming the replacement of DG ISI in a few weeks.
  • The article had all the elements of propaganda, and was later proved wrong.

The Author:

Salman Masood
Salman Masood

Propaganda Elements in the Article:

  • The article did not mention name of the source.
  • The article claimed that DG ISI will be replaced before other command changes in the Army.
  • This was proved false as new Army Chief and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee have already been assigned.

How Other Journalists Fell for Him:

  • Azaz Syed, a quite un-presentable journalist who wrote a book on Al Qaeda through a relatively unknown publisher.

  • Matiullah Jan, another journalist dismissed from Pakistan Military Academy on sodomy charges, was also taken for a ride.

  • Express Tribune’s correspondent Obaid Abbasi demanded explanation from ISPR despite the latter’s clear rebuttal in the article.

Azhar Ayaz is an independent investigative blogger and media enthusiast.