• Geo/Jang group is employing several methods of maligning the outgoing Army chief.
  • The media group is also making appointment of next Army chief controversial.

Publishing Controversial Captions:

  • The following captions in Jang and The News editions of 23 November 2016 throw light on the media group’s intent.



Accusation of Lobbying:

  • Geo News anchor Talat Hussain accused lobbying over the appointment of next Army Chief.
  • Meanwhile he has not substantiated his claim.
  • He also faces threat of legal action if he fails to prove his claim.

Playing the Ethnic Card:

  • Ahmed Noorani is another Jang group journalist.
  • He played the ethnic card to make the appointment controversial.

Why Jang Group is Doing This:

  • Jang group has a history of creating civil-military divide in Pakistan.
  • Aim of the media house is to alienate the military and provide roadblocks in performing its constitutional obligations.
  • In May 2014, the group accused ISI Chief of making an attempt on the life of Hamid Mir.
  • In May 2016, Shaheen Sehbai resigned as group editor of The News, saying that the media group’s policy is leading towards a civil-military clash.
  • It has now been established beyond doubt that Geo Jang group is an anti-state subversive media empire.

Azhar Ayaz is an independent investigative blogger and media enthusiast.