The Intent:


Incident 1:

  • On 3 November 2016, Express Tribune reported here that China is willing to finance Pakistan’s portion of IP pipeline.
  • No less than Deputy Chief of Mission at Chinese Embassy (Islamabad), Zhao Lijan had to take it to Twitter to clarify that this was an incorrect news item.

  • After the rebuttal, Express Tribune is expected to exploit this news item as a proof of dwindling Chinese will in investing Pakistan.
  • Though the appropriately worded clarification by the Chinese diplomat has deflated Express Tribune’s ploy.

Incident 2:

  • On 21 October 2016, Express Tribune reported here that ‘China has withdrawn its offer of setting up a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at Gwadar Port on the build-and-operate model’.
  • Express Tribune went a step further ahead on its Facebook page to claim that China had altogether withdrawn from setting up the LNG terminal at Gwadar.
  • The Chinese diplomat again had to tweet that this was a false news report.

The Discomfort of Express Tribune:

  • Being a partner of ‘The New York Times’, it is natural for Express Tribune to be uncomfortable with CPEC which is changing the dynamics of Asian economy in favour of China and Pakistan.

Azhar Ayaz is an independent investigative blogger and media enthusiast.