• Claiming herself out of the ‘rebuttal business’, Ayesha Siddiqa comes out with one after details of her dubious visit to Afghanistan emerged.
  • She is reported to have met Indian intelligence officials during her Afghanistan visit from 12 to 18 October 2016.
  • With a hurriedly written piece, filled with grammatical and punctuation errors, she declares herself targeted by Pakistan’s electronic and social media.

Did Pakistani Media Really Target Her?

  • The television channel in question here is Bol news which carried out a passing reference to her Afghanistan visit.
  • The channel did not give her any title of the effect she claims.
  • The self-proclaimed ‘traitor’ label is in fashion these days to present lies as dissent.

Accusing State Institutions of a ‘Campaign’

  • She accuses state institutions for generating “countless, tweets, blogs and Facebook posts” for condemning her activities in Afghanistan.
  • With her accusation of a unique nature, I offer my best wishes to these countless people in the service of ‘state institutions’ employed with the sole agenda of slandering her highness.
  • The delusional paranoia of the likes of Ayesha Siddiqa prefers to live under an authoritarian regime where the state supposedly has a complete grip on social media platforms.
  • While I wish our ‘state institutions’ to be at par with the United States’ NSA, terming social media outcry as generated by them would be a bit far fetched.
  • No wonder she has written an entire book of wrongful doings allegedly by the ‘state institutions’.

Justifying Actions with Presence of Others

  • Names of ISI Chiefs have now been used by the likes of Ayesha Siddiqa over a million times to their suiting.
  • After her meetings with Indian intelligence officials in Indian Consulate Herat were revealed, she has tried to justify them with the presence of a former ISI Chief at a conference in the same city.
  • She conveniently forgets that it is her, not the former ISI chief, who has been stated to have met Indian spooks during the visit.

Wrong Claim of Making a Presentation

  • While she claims to have been asked to make a presentation, her invitation letter (available here) clearly states that she was only asked for her presence, and not her presentation.
  • The lady very cleverly avoided to state in her rebuttal whether she delivered the presentation or not.
  • The fact remains valid that she did not deliver any presentation and at 2120 hrs was quietly taken to Indian Consulate Herat (details here).

Not Close to the Sharif Family?

  • I would prefer to leave the following election poster for Ayesha Siddiqa herself to address:

Not Privy to State Secrets?


Justifying the Meetings with a Degree from London


Meeting Intelligence Officers to Gather Their Perspective

  • It is interesting to note that her justification for “meeting people to gather their perspective” is again her degree from the King’s College.
  • I, along with many, would be very keen to be apprised of the “yet-unknown” perspective of Indian intelligence officers dotting the Pak-Afghan border.

Acceptance of Chat with Indian NSA and PM

  • She has been reported of having telephonic conversations with Indian NSA and PM during the visit, owing to the courtesies of Indian consular service.
  • In an attempt to bring in Gen (r) Musharraf into her narrative, the lady justifies “talks with India […] using non-military means”.
  • Perhaps she is terming her little chat with Indian NSA and PM a way to build relations.
  • It is again interesting to note that building relations with a foreign state through its intelligence officers is being regarded as a non-military mean.

Her Claim is Ridiculous: BBC Journalist

  • After she claimed on Dawn News that this “campaign” is targeted at discouraging next edition of her book, BBC journalist Wusatullah Khan termed it ridiculous (video here).

Role of Geo/Jang Group

  • Geo/Jang group has lived up to its reputation of housing the Subversive Brigade.
  • Subversive Brigade of this media group includes, and is not limited to, Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi, Jugnu Mohsin, Saleem Safi, Tariq Butt and Umar Cheema.
  • No wonder it was The News, also a part of this media group, which came up donating space to her.

The Ripped Narrative

  • Now that the imprecise narrative of Ayesha Siddiqa has been ripped apart, it is foreseen that she will not be able to stand upright again.

Azhar Ayaz is an independent investigative blogger and media enthusiast.