Cyril’s Loyalty to PML-N

Inaccuracies in Today’s Claims of Cyril

  • Cyril initially wrote a dubious article to create civil-military divide, and is now keeping a count on days of his “induced divide” as 17.
  • Cyril terms his self-ignited faux pas in the form of his dubious article as a “crisis”.
  • Despite Nawaz resorting to tear-shedding theatrics while feeling the heat of upcoming protest from opposition, Cyril somehow maintains that Nawaz is not imperilled/threatened.
  • Despite the known fact that Dawn news was used by Nawaz Sharif to malign Army Chief’s resolve to uproot terrorism, Cyril claims that Gen Raheel was blindsided.
  • While the entire nation was furious over Husain Haqqani’s anti-state activities, Cyril claims today it is only the military that is obsessed with Mr Haqqani.

What is Dawn Up to?

  • Pakistan has recently defeated the scourge of terrorism.
  • The Chinese camp has recently solidified its commitment with Pakistan through the game-changing CPEC project.
  • The West has realigned itself by dumping Middle East and Pakistan, while at the same time betting on India.
  • Dawn’s opposition to the CPEC project and its guarantor is anything but inexplicable.