The Past

  • Currently ruling political party PML-N, at the behest of its leader Nawaz Sharif, had attacked Supreme Court of Pakistan on 30 November 1997.
  • The attack was carried out because the then Chief Justice had criticized the way Nawaz Sharif was running the country.

Why it Appears the Time to Attack Now

  • Chief Justice of Pakistan has once again severely criticized the Nawaz government.
  • After maligning the military by planting stories in the media, Nawaz Sharif is expected to launch an onslaught on the judiciary.
  • Though it will be a highly unwise thing to do

What has Chief Justice Said Today

  • Pakistan’s government is being run as monarchy in the name of democracy.
  • Pakistan’s historical monuments are our identity, if people will vote for such kind of people then the monument’s destruction by projects like Orange Line are bound to happen.
  • People of Pakistan will now have to stand up for their rights.
  • There is bad governance in Pakistan in the name of good governance.

What Nawaz Sharif should do

  • Instead of attacking the supreme court once again, Nawaz Sharif needs to focus on improving his governance.
  • Although incapable of doing so, it is expected that he will continue taking extreme steps.
  • Continuing his current approach towards governing the country, he will probably be losing the mandate he claims to have achieved in 2013 elections.