• Dawn newspaper published a story to create a civil-military divide in Pakistan, and Indians are loving it.
  • Indian mainstream and social media stalwarts are cherishing the news as divine help in the longstanding Indian fantasy.

Prominent Dawn Admirers from India

  • IAS officer and vocal advocate of separating Balochistan from Pakistan, Sanjay Dixit comments:

  • Indian Air Force’s retired Air Marshal Manmohan Bahadur is all admiration for Dawn:

  • The Hindu’s Deputy Resident Editor & Diplomatic Affairs Editor Suhasini Haidar terms Dawn story based on “unnamed sources” as well sourced:

  • Times of India is suddenly proud of Cyril Almeida’s background from Goa:

Why it is Unfortunate

  • It is unfortunate to see irresponsible journalism on the part of Dawn as it has provided fodder for Indian media.
  • Indians are not supporting Dawn for the love of journalism.
  • Instead, Indians are only happy to see Pakistani media speaking against its own armed forces.
  • Obviously, it is in the interest of Indians when somebody else is willing to the job of vilifying Pakistan and its defences.