The recent article of Cyril Almeida in Dawn has exposed many in this country. First Cyril himself has been exposed as to how even the so called “neutral” journalist can have their veil of neutrality lifted at any time. Secondly the entire political cadre in Pakistan was also exposed to be the script writers of this comedy movie being considered as a journalistic adventure in the form of an editorial.

Either way we look at it, for the first time in Pakistan’s history, politicial dirty games and journalistic support of such games have been brought to light at once. Political ring masters having this article written through the stooges in the journalistic community could have had no other objective except to feel out where they themselves stand in the eyes of the public at large. A sort of a test to see the reaction of the masses, if they stand with the armed forces, its efforts to rid Pakistan of terrorism, its goal to eradicate macro level corruption in projects and to make sure that justice becomes prevalent across Pakistan, a job which the political parties in power should be doing anyway. In my view it was an attempt to see how the Army reacts. How Raheel Shareef reacts. How ISI reacts.

We live in a country where no good deed goes unpunished. Specially of the ones who are sincere to the country and its people. Making up a story and sharing it with the overzealous elements of the journalistic community in Pakistan has become a fashion. Even if you believe the story to be true for a mere second then one is forced to think about the objective of leaking it. What would one gain from it and news is ever leaked, even if true, without a set goal in mind. The only goal that makes sense is to create discomfort within the ranks at the GHQ. To create a visible gulf in the eyes of the public between the two institutions. And if that is the case then it backfired even more so in the faces of the people who were looking for the result because the public at large realized the backhanded ugliness of the political monkeys against an institution which is day and night busy in Zarb-e-Azb and in breaking up the linkages between terrorism and financing. Not to say the newly created tension of an old dispute between India and Pakistan. To play such dirty games at a time when India is looking to defame Pakistan army around the world, it not only cries foul but it evidently supports the argument that the government of Nawaz Shareef holds a soft corner for Modi.

Whatever the case maybe. In either case, two elements of our country were exposed. The unethical norms in reporting within journalism. And the India loving policies of NS. I think this article of Cyril was a god sent because otherwise we would have never known the strong linkages between the Government and the unethical elements within the journalistic community. When you play a game with the future of a country, when you strategise to stay in power at the expense of 200 million people, when your lust for money far exceeds your will to serve the people, then an external hand of a higher being comes and plays the same game on behalf of the people who love Pakistan against the ring masters of journalism and politics, and when that hand comes into play, it exposes everybody and the only thing one cay say is that….Cyril and Nawaz, you have been checkmated and exposed.

Author of this post is anonymous.