The Proxy War

  • Modi officially announced the start of a Proxy war with Pakistan during his independence day address of 15 August 2016.
  • The primary medium being used by India to implement this unethical war is Pakistani media.

Target: CPEC

  • India’s foremost target in this unannounced war is CPEC.
  • To sabotage this game changer project, India has to follow two approaches: create unrest in Balochistan and malign Pakistan Army which is the guarantor of CPEC.

Role of Cyril Almeida

  • Here fits in the role of Cyril Almeida who at the behest of somebody very powerful pushed the fantasies into Dawn newspaper aimed at maligning Army and creating civil-military divide.
  • Aim is only to reduce the decision making ability of the country’s leadership in the testing times ahead.